Supa Mega Foods | Organic Plant-Based SuperFoods


Supa Mega Greens is a plant-based blend of 7 nutrient-rich superfoods.

"By far the best greens I have ever used.  I've seen and felt changes in my digestion, energy and sleep. I recommend it to my friends and family, especially those transitioning to a plant-based diet."

— Jessica Airhart

Made with organic ingredients, this comprehensive formula helps alkalize the body, promotes detoxification, supports immune functioning, helps boost energy levels, and promotes a healthy digestive system. 

Supa Mega Greens | 30 Servings

Get Your Greens

Supa Mega Green provides the same vitamins and micronutrients as a glass of green juice, but  without all the cutting, chopping and calories. 

It's quick and easy to prepare. Just add a scoop to a glass of water, juice or smoothie. You can even use it in your favorite dishes.


Celebrity Chef Lauren Von Der Pool will show you how to make nutritious and delicious vegan recipes using our Supa Mega Greens superfood mix.  

To support consistency and optimal results we provide a discounted subscription service that automatically sends you a fresh bottle of greens every month. 


A monthly subscription of Supa Mega Greens is a commitment to your health and wellness daily. If your lifestyle changes, you can change your subscription with it.

You’ll automatically receive your 30 day supply of Supa Mega Greens around the same time every month, and benefit from optimum health, uninterrupted.*

You can pause, change billing cycles or cancel your subscription online at any time or by simply calling our customer service team at (929) 262-1764