Our Story

Meet Ali, Nova and Kazi... These second generation, holistic-health practitioners are blazing a trail in the plant-based supplement industry.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Supa Nova Slom and Ali Torain learned about the holistic health lifestyle from their mother, and green food movement pioneer, Queen Afua.  

In 2016, the brothers joined forces with branding guru Kazi, whose expertise in digital marketing helped to scale Supa Mega Foods to new heights

But Let’s Rewind...

Many of us didn’t readily listen to the wisdom of our elders growing up, and the Torain brothers were no different. Being a part of a holistic plant-based family in 1980s Brooklyn was anything but cool.

As part of his rebellion, Nova began eating candy and junk food. And before he knew it, he was a full-blown sugar addict. After a life changing incident at 16, he pulled on the knowledge he learned growing up, to kick his addiction and gain emotional balance. He mixed seven forms of greens into one nutrient-packed gallon of water. He carried this formula everywhere he went.

Hip Hop Wellness.

Dubbed “Hip Hop’s Medicine Man” Nova has spread his message to the Hip Hop Generation through various mediums. He is the producer of a feature length documentary, a best selling book author and a former wellness coach to celebrity clients like Erykah Badu, Common, Andre 3000 and DeadPrez.

In his best-selling book The Remedy, Nova share many recipes, including a formula he called "Supa Mega Greens". Everyone who read the book asked about the formula. The demand led Nova and Ali, to manufacture the formula and start selling it.


Ali, a graduate of the prestigious Howard University, gained real world experience by working as the Vice President for Queen Afua Wellness Center in NYC.

While Nova was away in Afghanistan, Ali took on the responsibilities of maintaining the business until his brother returned home to US soil.

Upon his return, Nova handled the marketing and promotions, while Ali used the knowledge and resources gain at his mothers company, to set up all of the behind-the-scenes logistics, including, sourcing ingredients, manufacturing and shipping.

Taking It To The Next Level

Kazi, was also introduced to the wellness lifestyle by Queen Afua after battling with ulcers for many years. His journey of personal healing ignited a passion with him and inspired his entrance into the business of wellness.

Kazi, a successful entrepreneur, investor and branding expert, has worked on the creative and corporate sides of the music business with everyone from Russell Simmons to Jay Z.

His 20 years of business, marketing and branding expertise, has helped take the product from grassroots to general market.