How to Manage Your Subscription

How to Manage Your Subscription

  1. Receive and Open the Email: Every month, you will receive an email notification regarding your account management before your card is charged. Open this email to proceed.

  2. Click the Account Management Link: Within the email, look for a link labeled something similar to "Manage Subscription" or "Manage Your Account." Click this link.

  3. Navigating the Login Page: After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a login page. This page may present you with multiple login options, including "Login to Shopify" and "Login to Your Subscription."

  4. Select the Correct Login Option: Instead of choosing the immediate options, look for a login prompt that is specifically asking for your email address without specifying Shopify or the subscription directly. It's often positioned underneath the main login options.

  5. Enter Your Email Address: In the correct field, enter your email address and submit it.

  6. Open Your Special Link: Shortly after, you'll receive an email containing a special link designed to directly log you into your specific account. Find this email, and click the provided link.

  7. Accessing Your Subscription Details: Once logged in through the special link, you will arrive at your account's dashboard or subscription management page.

  8. Manage Your Subscription: From here, you can perform a variety of actions to manage your subscription, including:

    • Updating Your Card Information: Change the credit or debit card details used for payment.
    • Changing Delivery Frequency: Adjust how often you receive the product or service.
    • Pausing, Skipping, or Canceling Your Subscription: Depending on your needs, you can temporarily pause your subscription, skip a delivery, or cancel the subscription entirely.
    • Reviewing Orders: View past orders or subscription details to keep track of your transactions.

By following these steps, you should be able to easily manage your subscription settings and preferences directly from the email reminders you receive each month. Remember to check your email regularly to not miss the window for making changes before your card is charged again.