Get Your Greens

Get Your Greens



Benefits :

  • SUPA MEGA GREENS is a PLANT BASED SUPERFOOD POWDER. Now you can get all the same benefits as juicing, but without all the cutting, chopping, clean up and calories. 
  • Made with organic ingredients, Supa Mega Greens provides you with 7 SUPERFOODS IN ONE BOTTLE - Imagine Feeling drinking some of the world's greatest super foods in one glass. Our Proprietary Formula Is Scientifically Designed To Nourish Your Body with Vital Nutrients Without the Need to Dramatically Change Your Daily Routine!!
  • 100% All Natural. No Preservatives. 
  • Enriches your body with healthy nutrients and helps to support Immunity. 
  • You have results that you can see and feel.  
  • Made with the HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS.  30 Servings Per Bottle Provides the Best Value For Your Money. 



Made with organic ingredients, Supa Mega Greens is a plant-based blend of 7 nutrient-rich superfoods.

High in vital micronutrients, vitamins, enzymes and chlorophyll, Supa Mega Greens combines the earth's most powerful greens from the land and sea into a superior whole food supplement.

Specially Engineered by Supa Nova S.L.O.M. The originator of the ChlorophyllianTM lifestyle and second generation holistic wellness advocate, This comprehensive formula helps alkalize the body, promotes detoxification, supports immune functioning, helps boost energy levels, and promotes the production of healthy flora, prebiotics and probiotics throughout the digestive system.

Read The Remedy book to learn about the Five-Week Power Plan to cleanse, detox and restore your system, combat fat, rebuild and transform your mind and body.

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