How to Manage Your Subscription

How to Manage Your Subscription
  1. Receive and Open the Email: Monthly, you'll get an email about account management before your card is charged. Open it to begin.
  2. Click the Account Management Link: Find and click a link titled "Manage Subscription" .
  3. Login Page Navigation: You'll be sent to a login page with various options. Under is the "Login to Shopify" is another option that says..

    Having issues logging in? Receive a secure login link via email in order to manage your subscriptions. Get a login link

  4. Select the Correct Login Option: Find a login prompt for your email address, usually below main options.
  5. Enter Your Email: Submit your email address in the designated field.
  6. Open Your Special Link: An email with a special link will arrive shortly. Click this link.
  7. Access Subscription Details: You'll be directed to your account's dashboard or subscription management area.
  8. Manage Your Subscription: Here, you can update card details, adjust delivery frequency, pause or cancel your subscription, and review orders.